donderdag 29 december 2011


I had such a great Christmas!
The first day of Christmas I celebrated at my house with my family and my boyfriend. I cooked the Christmas dinner, it turned out really good! We had really nice snacks while playing RISK. After some preperations in the kitchen we unpacked all of our presents. I got a new North Face backpack (the 'Isabella'), Falke cosy shoes, a notebook, toiletry bag, make-up and some other things. Good loot, if you ask me!
The second day of Christmas I went to my boyfriends' family in the south of Holland. There we also played lots of games and ate great food. I had a great time, I love Christmas!

Here are some photos of my first day of Christmas.

P.S. I made a goat cheese salad, beef Wellington with potatoes and a lemon pie as dessert.

See what I wore here

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