zaterdag 10 december 2011

Reasons why

Sorry for the lack of updates, but on thursday my backpack with all of my personal belongings (also some clothes and my favorite shoes) has been stolen by some (really) pathetic person. So I haven't been in the mood really to blog.
But today I went to the city with my parents to buy (again) some of the items that have been stolen, so now I feel a bit better. I ordered the same shoes, bought my parfum that I recently bought in Antwerp (See here), bought the shirt that I bought the day before the incident (never even wore it) and now it was in sale...yay! And ofcourse I had to buy my everyday make-up and other toiletries.'s what I wore today!

P.S. An outfit post is coming up!

/Pants - H&M/Jumper - Vintage/Shoes - Pied a Terre/

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